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    Kinotakara is a foot detox patch that is designed to target our reflexology and acupuncture points. The sole of the foot is often treated as our second heart, and explains the importance of why we need to support this area to achieve optimal health and wellness.

    Each pad absorbs excess water, harmful waste and toxins out of the body. By getting rid of this harmful waste it can assist mental performance (such as relieve stress & anxiety, boost energy, relieve tiredness & fatigue), promotes healthy skin and physical vitality (eliminating muscle tension, relieve pain, reduce cellulite and controlling weight balance).

    It is the leading health care and physiotherapeutic product in Japan.


    Made from all natural plant extracts including Wood Vinegar, Tourmaline, Chitosan, Pearl Powder, Pure Silica, Dextrin and Glycolic Acid.


    Apply to the sole of the foot for 6 hours. During these 6 hours, the white powder will become wet or turn into slightly darker substances as it absorbs and releases the harmful waste of the body. It is recommended to place the patch on different areas of the sole to target to help assist in targeting optimal results.

    Toe Area – helps to target headaches, eye strain, tight shoulders, stiff neck, sore throat, sleeping problems and sinusitis.

    Middle Foot – helps to relieve tension, insomnia, water retention, constipation, general cleansing and low energy.

    Heal Area - helps to alleviate spine, lower back, knees and menstrual cramps.

    It is made in Japan. The RRP is AUD $58.80 incl GST.

    Reflective Zones & Absorption points

    Toe area: Head, shoulders, neck, ears, eyes, brain stem, sinus, thyroid, upper back, pituitary gland, heart, lungs, chest, diaphram, solar plexis, parathyroid.

    Targets: Headache, eye strain, tight shoulders, stiff neck, sore throat, sleeping problems, sinusitis.

    Middle foot: Chest, liver, gall bladder, stomach, adrenal glad, pancreas, kidneys, colon, small intestines, spleen, ileocecal valve.

    Targets: Tension, insomnia, water retention, constipation, general cleansing, low energy.

    Heal area: Pelvic area, lower back, sciatic nerve, colon.

    Targets: Spine, lower back, knees, menstrual cramps.

    Both western and eastern medical studies view the sole as the area that reflects the health of our internal organs, and often treat it as our second heart.

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